Check out what some of Pete's personal training clients have to say in their testimonials.

"Having reached a point in my life where a complete lifestyle change was necessary. I chose personal training as I needed motivation, encouragement and support, I needed to be challenged and to be able to achieve my personal goals. Pete has helped me in a non-invasive way, always treating me with respect. He has taken on board my needs and limitations but has also made me see that these limitations were personal to me and that with encouragement and his belief in me, anything is possible. My fitness levels have increased, my confidence has soared and I now find exercise pleasurable instead of a chore. Pete has made each training session different, increasing levels and introducing new concepts all the time, this has kept my attention and I look forward to the next session rather than dread it."
Natalie Hunt, 40, Sutton Surrey



“I have been working with Pete for the past 4 months, he is a great personal trainer, keeps my body in great shape, giving me great confidence for casting and photo shoots.”​
Letitia Herod, Winner of Britain's and Ireland's Next Top Model

"I have been having regular personal training sessions with Pete for the last month, he makes the sessions really fun and motivating. Already I have noticed a difference, my clothes feel a lot looser, I have loads more energy and I feel so much fitter. So far I have lost 8lbs! I just can't wait to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe!"
Natasha, 35, Journal Editor, Epsom, Surrey


“I have been training with Pete for 4 months, I started as a skinny guy just under 9 stone, Pete has helped me to put on 2 stone in muscle. His knowledge is great, he really know his stuff, I've learnt so much about training and nutrition."​
Samantha Jones, Project Manager​


"I have been personal training with Pete for nearly 2 years now and it has completely changed my life! After having three kids my weight had ballooned; now I'm full of energy and can keep up with the kids playing football. Pete set me up with a routine and diet which made me lose 2-3lb a week, the training is tough but good fun and once I got the hang of the diet it was easy. Personal training with Pete was the best thing I ever did, money well spent!"
Michelle, 35, Sutton



Natalie Hunt

Michelle Butters