List of all the personal training services Pete provides, that will be tailored to you and your fitness goals.

Personal Training

Personal Fitness Trainer



One to one personal training sessions in your home or outdoors tailored specifically to your needs, includes progress report, warm-up, workouts, cool down and assisted stretch. Pete uses a progressive model of training to get you to your fitness goals in a quick, consistent manner. Diet advice and motivation techniques also included.

Personal Trainer Toning



Muscle burns calories, building up your muscle tone not only makes you look good but increases your metabolism too. With Pete as you personal trainer you can be assured of getting a great resistance training programme too tone your body, get it strong and looking great!



Personal training sessions in groups are really motivating with a great atmosphere, get your friends together and split the cost between you, with Pete as your personal trainer you will all get fit quick! Personal training boot camps are also provided for those looking for that extra kick up the bum!

Personal Trainer Group Training


Get your nutrition right and you will be half way towards yours goals, remember abs are made in the kitchen not in the gym. Whether you want to lose weight and get slim or build some muscle, Pete's diets plans will see that you get there as quick as possible and feel great at the same time.

Personal Trainer Nutrition



A Fit and healthy work force is a productive work force, get your staff in shape by arranging some lunch time or after work personal training sessions with Pete.

Personal Trainer Corporate Fitness
Personal Trainer Body Building



If you are a guy or a girl looking to put on some serious muscle Pete is the body building personal trainer for you​, he has helps loads of skinny guys put on a couple of stone in solid muscle, got over weight guys lean and solid and helps girls get some amazingly toned bodies. Training with Pete you can expect to put of 1-2lb (.8kg) of solid muscle per week.

Personal Fitness Trainer


Tired of being over weight and flabby? Pete will show the quickest and best way to slim down and stay slim. Getting diet and exercise right is essential to losing weight, combine that with great resistance training and you will end up with a slim toned body. If you do everything Pete tells you to do you can expect to lose 2-3lb (1kg) per week.

           CORE STRENGTH


Your core muscles are the ones that help stableise your body and keep you posture correct. If you have a bad back or poor core strength get some personal training sessions with Pete and he will show you a range of great core exercises to give you a strong core and a flat stomach.